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When you change your habits, you change your life! Rise 1.0 is the stepping stone for establishing wellness behaviors that turn into a life-long habits. 


It is not a challenge, rather it is an 8-week health and wellness program that is designed to keep you consistently engaged, thriving, and staying accountable to yourself in achieving your goals and dreams, what ever those may look like for you.


It all starts with YOU!

​When you join Rise 1.0, you will receive:

  • Two, monthly 1:1 virtual coaching calls with me

  • Weekly live community calls

  • One monthly virtual mindset workshop

  • 8-week workout plan for the gym or home

  • Nutrition coaching & guidance


  • 45 new healthy, easy-to-make recipes

  • Daily chats & wellness challenges 

  • Safe environment for open discussions & peer support

8-Weeks for ONLY $350!

(estimated value $1,200+)

BUT WAIT! There's more!


Every participant of the program will have the opportunity to take home a cash prize at the end of the program. Every entry guarantees $25 into the pot, and the participant who keeps the most points throughout the program wins one of three three prizes (prize amounts to be announced to program participants during the first community call). 


Set goals, get support, work hard, and build relationships with like-minded women.


We will Rise on December 1.